In order to run our tours safely there will be some changes put in place, some information you will need to know, and some basic actions we will ask of you. Despite all this our main commitment will remain - to ensure everyone has a wonderful, relaxing and safe holiday!

Click below for our protocols for traveling during this time:

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The Strathmore Team



We would like to reassure you that after the latest announcements by the UK & Scottish Government’s that as of Monday 14th September you may only meet with a total of 6 people within your home in England, and 6 people from 2 households in Scotland - your holiday plans with us won't be disrupted by this announcement.


Although restrictions are being put in place designed to prohibit private and informal gatherings where no social distancing is observed and no face covering are in use, they do still permit group travel and events when professionally organised by businesses like Strathmore Travel who have carried out risk assessments and put safety measures in place to keep you travelling safely during Covid-19.


When booking our holidays and day trips, you are seated in your own bubbles socially distanced from other passengers. For example, a single traveller will occupy a double seat and be asked to sit near the window. A couple or those in their family bubbles can sit together but will be socially distanced from other passengers. We are also asking for all passengers to wear a face covering (unless medically exempt) and we are encouraging hand sanitising at all stops.


Rest assured that we will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation and will amend our policies to adhere to all future UK & Scottish Government guidelines. If there are any changes to your travel arrangements, we will be in contact with our customers on an individual basis.


We hope this is reassuring for you and helps you understand the distinction between what is legally permitted privately and what is permitted within a business setting.